PlayEnthusiast.com is blog about anything and everything related to games!About - Phil and Chun Li

My name is Philip and I am an enthusiast of anything related to games and playing games. Actually, enthusiast may even be an understatement: I play games, collect games, follow gaming news, identify myself with gaming culture and have a keen interest in gaming as a concept. PlayEnthusiast.com in that sense is the
expression of my life in gaming. Gaming sparked my interest and has become an important hobby of mine since my first neon green GameBoy Color in 1998. Even today the older console generations remain important childhood memories for many gaming enthusiasts. That is why PlayEnthusiast.com is also a token of gratitude to the memories I have made with gaming and an effort to record pieces of gaming history.

Posts on PlayEnthusiast.com will belong to the following categories:

  • What is – an in-depth and mostly objective look at the different aspects and mechanics of a game
  • Gaming Relics – a look at gaming history
  • Musings – thoughts or analyses on anything gaming-related

Over time the topics covered may spread into the far corners of the gaming universe and when that happens the range of topics may grow with the contents covered.

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Now that you know what this site is about, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am originally from Germany, but I spent most of my life living in different countries across the world. Most recently my life has taken me to Asia: I  am now in Hong Kong, where I work in Business Development. If you want to be friends, just reach out on instagram or send me an email at contact@playenthusiast.com! Also feel free to reach out to me if you find any mistakes in my posts I may have missed.